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Spa Massage | Get Refreshed!

If you are feeling stressed and are looking for an instant pick-me-up, you will find that most spas and therapy venues offer a selection of stress relieving massages. A full body Massage can be a deeply therapeutic experience; however there are many different types of massage to choose from. With a traditional Spa massage you experience a flowing but firm massage with medium pressure that will aid relaxation, improve circulation and remove toxic build up. A Spa massage is an excellent choice for relieving every day muscle stress and tension.


An Aromatherapy Massage is a holistic treatment, carried out with essential oils to achieve a deeper relaxed state. Your therapist will select oils, tailored to suit your individual needs (relaxing, detoxing, invigorating etc). This treatment is known to relieve tired and sore muscles, benefit circulation, lymph movements (encouraging lymph flow aids the release of toxins from the body) and generates a feeling of deep relaxation.

Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage

A Deep Tissue or Sports Massage targets particular muscle groups. This is an invigorating, deep pressure massage treatment that is recommended for physically active people. It works on releasing muscle tension and knots, it also alleviates aches and pains and helps to keep muscles supple.
Hot Stone Therapy Massage is one of the fastest growing massage techniques and is a deeply relaxing experience. It has been said that once you have had a hot stone massage, you will never go back to a traditional massage (without the use of hot stones). The massage itself includes the use of hot and cold stones; it is an all encompassing treatment which balances mind, body and spirit. The stones are massaged over your body to ease muscles, aid circulation and remove toxins. A blend of essential oils will stimulate your senses even further to increase energy flow, release stress and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Spa massage

Spabene is a true upscale boutique spa massage therapy practice. Talk to Spabene therapist about your lifestyle and physical health, as a good therapist will adapt your massage to suit your body’s needs. All of our massage therapy specialists, nail technicians and aesthetician will offer you with excellent care and services according to your particular needs and wants. Spabene also provide personalized facial treatment to your particular skin type. Leave your stresses and worries behind and let us assist you to restore your sense of inner peace. Call us for more information.

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