Interested in a Massage Therapy? Here’s What You Need to Know

What happens if I feel aroused?

There are those that do not want to go to massage therapy because they are afraid they will become aroused. Others go, but they have a hard time enjoying themselves because they are worried that it will happen to them.

This is a very valid fear, but there is no reason to worry. It happens often, and there is nothing wrong with it (or with you) for experiencing arousal.

Any type of enjoyable touch, regardless of the part of the body, can get the parasympathetic nervous system in gear. This then causes arousal. The therapist that is working on you knows that this is a possibility and typically does not pay any attention to it.

If you are male, and you are concerned about what might happen, think about wearing underwear that provides sufficient support during your massage.

How do I find a good clinic?

It is not always easy to figure out which massage parlors are legitimate and which are not. Because it may be hard for you to determine this on your own, it is important to do your research. Call any clinic that you are considering visiting, and ask them whether or not their therapists are licensed and certified. Question them about the services they provide. Ask if clients need to provide any paperwork to receive services. It is also important to note that licensed massage therapists do not touch the private areas of your body when working on you.

I am concerned that the amount of pressure during the massage is not sufficient. However, I do not want to hurt the therapist’s feelings. What is the appropriate action to take?

It is important to talk openly with your massage therapist. Remember, though, that simply because a massage is gentle does not mean that it is a waste of time. Many of the best massage therapy techniques do not hurt. This is because applying a lot of pressure can cause issues for your muscles. If you are thinking about it objectively, use a pain scale. A one on the scale means the pain is nonexistent. A ten on the scale means the pain is intense. You should always experience a six or less on the scale when you are getting a massage.

I do not like the way a part of my body looks. I would prefer that the therapist not have access to it. How can I make that happen?

There are a lot of reasons why someone might feel embarrassed about their body. For example, perhaps they weigh more than they once did. Perhaps they are a bit hairy or their skin has blemishes on it. Maybe they just do not like a certain part of their body for some reason. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with speaking to your massage therapist and asking them not to concentrate on that area. However, make sure you still follow through with getting a massage or seeing a doctor. Your embarrassment should not be the reason that you do not get the care that you need.

In addition, keep in mind that there are some massages you can get while fully clothed. No oil is used during the process, so you do not have to worry about feeling self-conscious. Wear whatever you would like and be comfortable during the process.

When you fill out your health history paperwork at the massage therapy clinic, always put down the most up to date information. This way, your therapist will understand what is troubling you.

I prefer getting massaged by a woman. Can I ask for that?

Some people have a gender preference when it comes to their massage therapist. There are a number of reasons for this; some men, for example, do not want to be touched by another man in that fashion. Some women simply like a female massage therapist better. There is nothing unusual about this, as it happens across many different fields. For instance, research out of the University of Michigan indicated that more than 40 percent of women wanted another female to perform their colonoscopy. Nearly 90 percent of those individuals stated that they would wait quite a long time to secure an appointment with a female doctor. Just over ten percent said they would pay more to have an appointment with a female as well.

Keep in mind, though, that male massage therapists are just as talented as women. Some are quite good at what they do, but if their services are not requested because of their gender, it makes it hard for them to find a job. Therefore, try to broaden your horizons and step outside the box. When you go to the clinic, ask to speak to the massage therapist before you set up an appointment. This will help you feel more comfortable. In addition, do not be afraid to go to a clinic or health club to get your massage. There are often men working at these establishments. Finally, consider getting a sports massage or deep tissue massage, which is a little less personal. You could also get a massage where you stay in your clothes.

Getting a Massage

If you want to get a massage, speak with your primary care physician first. They may have concerns related to your health that you need to discuss first.

Spa Massage Therapy

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