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Common Massage Therapy Techniques (Part 2)

Massage therapies have been used for health and relaxation for hundreds of years. There are many types of massage therapy that have originated from all corners of the globe. Below we will discuss some of the more common forms of massage therapy.

Thai Massage

Thai massage therapy is also called nuat thai. Originating in Thailand, this system of massage is one in which the recipient is placed in a series of poses, not unlike yoga. The massage therapist will manipulate, compress and kneed the recipient’s muscles using their own body weight and placement to loosen and stretch the major muscle groups. The massage is given in a structured, rhythmic fashion and sessions can last up to two hours. One can expect better flexibility, circulation and freedom of movement after a Thai massage.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a growing trend for mothers-to-be. It can be quite helpful in relieving stress and promoting overall health during pregnancy. In addition, it is useful in decreasing the aches and pains so common for expectant mothers. Other benefits include reduced swelling, improved circulation and increased flexibility. Many mothers will continue the practice after childbirth to continue experiencing the benefits of massage.

Foot Massage

Reflexology is another name for this soothing massage. Pressure points within the foot are manipulated by the therapist to increase blood flow and relieve pain. This can be quite pleasant for anyone who stands a lot or experiences foot pain on a regular basis.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy will be of aid to those who lead active life styles or work out frequently. Often, assisted stretching will be used by the therapist to relax sore muscles. The therapist may also manipulate the muscles using fast strokes designed to increase circulation and prevent injury. Some types of sports massage focus on promoting athletic ability and will use specialized techniques.

Back Massage

This very popular massage is designed to relax the back, neck and shoulders. Many spas offer short versions that are 30 minutes or less, although longer back massages can also be booked. A back massage is ideal for office workers and others who may sit for long periods during work or school.

As you can see there are a myriad of massage types available. One of the above massages may be just what you need to relax, release stress or improve your performance. Use the information above to pick the type of massage that is right for your particular needs.

Spa Massage Therapy

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