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Wonders of Summer Gel Nails

Whoever invented gel nails deserves a spot in the beauty hall of fame. In the summer especially, nails take a beating. The magic of summer gel nails means that women everywhere can withstand the beating of summer’s hot sun, the heat, sand, pool chemicals, salt water, and just increased exertion.

The Magic of Summer Gel Nails

A few years ago, your only option was to brave traffic, crowds, and books an appointment to get to a salon to have your gel nails done. The time and cost were a lot more than for traditional manicures.

For many, it was just easier time wise and cost wise to repaint their nails weekly at home, after the manicure wore off fully. Enter into the world the gem called at-home gel nails, and the game has changed.

For less than it costs to have a salon do your gel nails, you can purchase the gel nail lamp and special products. If you are unsure whether this is right for you and hesitates to invest even that much money, consider one more alternative: non-lamp gel nails.

Rich Shine with Gel Nails

The magic of the no-lamp gel nails is that it is a special gel nails polish you can do right at home. Now the reason many are not into the gel lamp, is because it takes a long while to dry under those lamps, and has been the subject of scrutiny by some saying it causes skin cancer.

However, the opposite side argues it is too little UV exposure for too short of a length of time to make a difference. The removal of the actual polish is something of a difficulty as well, requiring soaking for long periods of time in nail polish remover, which can weaken nails. Many just peel off the nails at some point.

Whatever your poison, know that the weeks-long wear is ideal for most. It keeps up a high-quality, rich shine the entire time, and does not crack, split, or chip easily.

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