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Understanding The Male Mind | Male Massage

It is a delicate thing to talk to the red-blooded American males about salons and spas. The attitude they have towards such has just never been noted to be positive. To them, even the skin treatments are pretty unnecessary. It was until in 1989 when a television show “Married with Children” exposed the contempt with which the men found in women’s salons would be treated.

But truly, times do change. You won’t believe the evolution that has taken place in that sector. The International Spa Association has collected reports that reveal that since the Bundy’s bad hair day, the professional grooming has quite evolved. There are the hottest trends and the men comfortably get their operators work on them squarely.

In the world today, the professionals in skin care are urged to borrow insights from the spa and salon marketing. Some men will only have the chains protruding which is not enough. Opportunities are there, and people need to grab them with both hands and take it for a learning experience. Vacancies are also there, and that’s why you too should consider franchise ownership.

A New Kind

Metrosexuals- These are the so-called wealthy and urban males who rock the city. They are known to hit the salons to have themselves to appear attractive and well groomed. Their environment is also not just ordinary. They avoid the ethereal music rather flowery fragrance. The male salons that have risen are an epitome of greatness. They focus on improving the skin of the men, making them more attractive.

Rebekah Davis says that then find it easy to seek beauty services in places where women will not be found gazing at them. This tells you that males will not prefer having women around them when they are in a salon. It brings a sense of self-consciousness. While doing highlights on their hairs, men will have to sit around with foil in their hair. The ownership of the salons worldwide should also be gender-sensitive. Two of fifteen should be owned by women. Solely!

Male Massage Spa for Sports Stuff

While limiting women in the men’ salons will help, it is not enough. You will be needed to stock the salon with magazines and sporting stuff. The customers in the queue need to be engaged. You can as well have a television or radio around. The Barber Club Spa in Chicago has pool tables that engage the waiting, customers. They are also given beers as they relax around the environment. That is what the American males want to be offered. Either way, you must have checked with the authorities that your beers are checked. While the women’s salons will appear best when organized and appealing, a men-only salon feels much OK with a sports bar look.

Men are attracted by pleasant interior designs. The memorabilia are also something they check. As for the Philadelphia salon that is an American salon, the sports memorabilia decorate the walls, apparently something pretty attractive to the customers. Most of the customers a Fortune 100 company are businessmen. They just don’t want a haircut. It should be something more. Hence, anything smelling girlish around the salons would quit cause them discomfort.

Engage Them In Chats

Irrespective of the setting, it is very possible to have the estheticians make the men feel comfortable. There are different things that will be running the men’s minds as they visit your salon. In most cases, they want to get in there, get male massage and discuss sports, cars, golf and many of the other things they do while out of the courtyards. In case you are not a fun of sports, then you must know of other things that men love discussing. Start up a conversation and let them participate.

If you did not know, then you got to know that men are not as hard. Unlike women, you can tease the men around and have them buy your idea. Davis talks about some day that there was a guy who had an issue with having a facial for the entire face. He had opted for mini-facial. Davis, however, twisted him around and eventually he took his idea, which he ended up enjoying so much until he slept on the chair.

In either case, men do not take everything entirely. There are some services that they may not enjoy. For instance, much waxing hairy backs between the eyebrows seem embraced, Davis reports otherwise. She says that there are very many men who play a hard nut to crack especially when it comes to the foot-related services. They are worried that their feet are not pleasant and appealing for anyone to go handling them, and so they refuse.

“A paraffin hand treatment, however, is always an easy sell,” Davis says. She adds that the moment they dip their hands, they get hooked upon realizing how pleasant it is.

Target Your Menu and Ads

A description of the services speaks a lot about the actual services. It is not obvious that every man opts for manicure now that some have appeared like they cherish it. You need to link up with the American males and realize you ought to use the cars, business, sports and masculine terminologies in a bid to win them. You won’t sound girly and still expect men to stream in. In fact, even the salons have such names as “Guy on the Go, Men at Work, and Men at Play”

The marketing strategies should also be up. The American male has not just individual salons, but also a corporate website. This helps them reach out to as many customers as possible. You need to know who you are targeting and where you are likely to find them.

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