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The 411 on Artificial Nails plus Ten Top Tips for Artificial Nails: Acrylics, Gel Nails, and Silks (part2)

There are many splendid reasons to get a fine stylish set of artificial fingernails. Maybe there is a social event, a wedding or big get together, and you want to look extra sharp. Or maybe you have had a hard time growing out your nails and want some help.

Gel nails, acrylics and silks are available at your local nail salon and are the most popular options on the market. Gel nails and acrylics are great because they last much longer, get help taking them off, and people will generally choose silks for a shorter time and also to help repair the nail’s tips and treat traumas rather than being an extension.

This article will describe the particulars and advantages of these three popular nail accessories.

Silk Nails

Silk nails are fabric wraps that can be attached to weak nails with glue to remedy cracked or damaged nails. Most of these fabric wraps are made of silk but others are also made of, cotton, paper, linen or fiberglass.

Your Nail technician will cut the material into a size that matches your fingernail size and shape, hold it in the right spot and brush some glue over to keep it secure. These are not permanent and the adhesives will wear off within a couple of weeks or even sooner if you wash dishes with no gloves.

Your nail salon can reattach or reapply them on your next trip.

10 Tip Top Tips for Artificial Nails


1. Get Professional Help

Do it yourself nail products are much more complex and require a bit more experience than DIY hair coloring products. Getting a qualified nail tech to do their magic will produce infinitely finer results.

2. Never peel off your Artificial Nails

These are designed to stick and stick they will; if you do manage to tug and pull and yank till it comes off you have undoubtedly ruined your nail as well. When they do come off the nail underneath should look smooth and clean.

3. Get a Recommendation

Choose your nail salon and technicians by recommendations from friends. Basing your decisions off flashy signs offering reduced prices can yield inferior results and inexperienced technicians can file your nails too thin and set you up for other nail conditions best avoided.

4. Cleanliness is a Really Fine Quality in a Salon

Always choose a salon that is clean and where the tools and appliances look like they receive regular maintenance.

5. Employees Must Wash Hands Constantly

A quality nail technician will ask that you wash your hands before beginning and will do the same.

6. Leave your Cuticles Alone

Don’t allow anyone at the salon to break, cut or push back the cuticles on your nail, removing this seal can spread infection

7. Don’t Try and Fix it Yourself

Don’t take a stab at fixing a fallen or damaged nail yourself; always get professional help for damaged nails to reduce the risk of infection.

8. Ask about Maintenance

Ask you nail care professionals about the best way to treat and maintain your nails between visits and practice this valuable advice.

9. Communicate any Irregularities

If something seems off, speak up! Tell your nail technician if you feel any kind of discomfort, itchiness, rashes or any other kind of problem related with your nails. You may be allergic to a certain product and your nail technician needs to know this.

10. Go Natural Now and Then.

The American Academy of Dermatology strongly suggests giving your nails a break every so often and going natural. This helps to maintain healthy beautiful nails from the nail bed up.

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