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    Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy

    The relaxing art of massage has been enjoyed for as long as we have had tired muscles to relax. Ancient cultures and modern culture fusions have produced over 80 distinct methods of massage therapy featuring a wide variety of movements and pressure techniques. Here is a basic introduction to 10 of the most popular massage Read More

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    10 Good Reasons to Choose Soak off Gel Nail Polishes

    What Are Soak-off Gel Nail Polishes?   Soak-off gel nail polishes are often called as a soft gel nails. Conventional nail polish is a kind of paint, you have to wait forever to let it dry. It is hard to remove and easily chipped. While soak-off gel nail polish is also like paint, but after Read More

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    Gel Nails and Manicures

    Technically, gel nails are simply nail extensions. They are made of a hard gel product which is then cured using an LED. Most of the time, however, the term is used to describe the combination of gel nail extensions with a manicure. Sometimes the term is used to refer simply to any service that makes Read More

  • Spa Massage

    Valuable Pain Relief With Swedish Massage

    Introduction of Swedish Massage   If you are going through some sort of chronic pain or a sports injury, you may be able to use Swedish massage as a way to go about your pain management to give you the relief that you are looking for. The sessions will be able to target some of Read More

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    Gel Nails – Overview

    Gel nails are nail extensions prepared from hard gel product toughened by curing under light emitting diode (LED) or the ultraviolet light (UV). Nevertheless, current use of the word gel nails encompases other nail services involving the use very popular gel polish manicure and gel products. Gel nails can elongate short nails, strengthen nails, and Read More

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    Various Benefits Of Massage Therapy

    Introduction   One of the most convenient ways of maintaining a good health is to eat a healthy diet and also to relax your muscles. That is why it is necessary that you get a massage therapy more often to relax stressed muscles and also heal joints as well. As you are required to lie Read More

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    Beautiful Gel Nails For Summer

    It goes without saying that gel nails have grown wild in terms of popularity, with so many people today opting for this long lasting polish option. When it comes to summer looks, there are plenty of stunning color combinations and accents that you can choose from to really put your gel nail manicure over the Read More

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    15 Perfect Manicure Tips

    1. Should You Get A French Manicure?   A good manicure is a true fashion statement. Do you feel that a French manicure is the right statement for you? This classic manicure is about applying a discreet pale pink polish with a white tip. This type of manicure makes your nails look longer and is Read More

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    Understanding The Male Mind | Male Massage

    It is a delicate thing to talk to the red-blooded American males about salons and spas. The attitude they have towards such has just never been noted to be positive. To them, even the skin treatments are pretty unnecessary. It was until in 1989 when a television show “Married with Children” exposed the contempt with Read More

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    Seasonal Self-Care With Massage Therapy And Bodywork (Part 2)

    Fall | Massage Therapy And Bodywork   As summer’s fullness gives way to the changing colors and the fall leaves, fall is a great time for taking a look at what our priorities are, to express gratefulness for all that we have, and also have the willingness to let go of anything that isn’t useful Read More