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Proven Health Benefits of a Massage Therapy

The bliss you experience during a massage session is sufficient enough for you to schedule regular massage therapy sessions. The benefits of a massage therapy do not vanish the very moment you get off the massage table. Various findings have proven that massage therapy improves digestion, sleep, mood, minimizing stress as well as reducing the recovery period of an injury. When you consider a massage’s ability to provide healing, it becomes vivid why massage therapy has been an essential healing tool that dates back centuries ago.

Benefits of Massage Therapy


1. Relieves Stress

Although stress is universal, it is mostly perceived as something less dangerous. However, when you lack the essential stress relief, your body develops responses that can cause body problems. Too much stress can result in behavioral changes such as drug and alcohol abuse, angry outbursts, social withdrawal and tobacco use. In addition, stress can also bring about mood changes such as restlessness, anxiety, irritability and depression. A massage therapy helps to improve the state and vitality of your mind. This can increase the overall energy levels and as a result, increase the overall mental performance.

2. Improves Circulation

The long-term effects of a massage therapy go beyond the skin. Proper blood circulation is part of the reactions that occur as a result of regular massage therapies. Massage facilitates blood circulation in that the pressure generated by the massage causes blood to move through the congested areas. When the same pressure is released, new blood flows back in. The pulling and squeezing process also flushes out lactic acids from the body muscles and improve the lymph fluid circulation which is responsible for carrying away metabolic wastes from body muscles. An improved circulation naturally lowers blood pressure, enhances blood flow in addition to improving the body’s functioning.

Spa massage therapy

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