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Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy

The relaxing art of massage has been enjoyed for as long as we have had tired muscles to relax. Ancient cultures and modern culture fusions have produced over 80 distinct methods of massage therapy featuring a wide variety of movements and pressure techniques.

Here is a basic introduction to 10 of the most popular massage therapies!

1) Swedish Massage Therapy

This is certainly one of the most common styles of massage therapy enjoyed in the U.S. Swedish massage therapy or simply massage therapy uses circular kneading motions and long strokes to relax the outer most muscle groups. Swedish massage therapists will also use oils and relaxing lotions to enhance the experience.
Because it is a relaxing and soothing experience Swedish massage therapy is a good first pick if you뭭e never had a massage before.

2) Aromatherapy Therapy

Aromatherapy, as its name implies, is a massage therapy enhanced by the use of certain essential oils derived from plants, woods or nuts that are used to address a particular need.
The skilled massage therapist can select from a variety of essential oils to energize, relax, balance, or relieve stress. Lavender is one of the most common essential oils used in aroma therapy. Aromatherapy can be especially curative to emotionally related stress.

3) Hot Stone Therapy

This is a good one for people with muscle tension who prefer a less in depth experience. Smooth hot stones are placed along certain energy centers and muscle groups on the body to loosen and relax them. Some massage therapists may also place the stones in various patterns or symbols believing that they have energetic properties.

4) Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep tissue massage techniques closely resemble those of Swedish massage; the deeper pressure more effectively alleviates chronic muscle tension. The focus is on reaching the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. Massage therapists use slow strokes and friction against the grain of muscle.
People who suffer from chronic muscle pain or repetitive strain are often recommended this type of therapy. It is normal to feel sore for a day or two after undergoing this type of massage.

5) Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage therapy. The original Japanese words shi (finger) and atsu (pressure) best describe the techniques used in Shiatsu. Finger pressure applied in a rhythmic sequence is used to stimulate the body’s energy across the acupuncture meridians.
Most people who try shiatsu for the first time are pleasantly surprised to find that it is quite relaxing. Champion boxer Muhammad Ali and Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe were big fans of this massage therapy.

Spa Massage Therapy

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