Guide to a Perfect Pedicure (Part 2)

During The Winter Do Protect Your Pedicure

When the weather is cold, take plastic wrap with you to your pedicure so that you can help to prevent smudges. Before leaving the salon, ask that cuticle oil be put on your freshly polished toes. Then place the plastic wrap around your toes before putting on your shoes and socks or tights. There are openings in pedicure socks for your toes, and you can even wear these with flip flops. There are also special pedicure boots you can wear which have front flaps so that your toes are left exposed.

Every Now And Then Do Go Natural

You may think that bare toenails are unattractive. However, you need to allow your nails to have moisture and breathe. Polish is a barrier. Every month you should skip using a nail polish for around a week and enjoy the simple look. If your nail polish chips and you aren’t able to fix it, the best thing to do is remove it. In the places where there is no polish, your toenails are at risk of getting damaged. If you polish lasts longer than two weeks somehow, remove it anyway.

Consider Getting A Pedicure While You Are Pregnant

When you are pregnant, your ankles well tend to be swollen and you will feel bloated. A pedicure might soon amazing too you. It’s perfectly fine to pamper your feet. It is completely safe to have a pedicure while you are pregnant. The chemicals that are in the nail polish are not absorbed by your nails.

If the smells from the nail products are making you feel ill, sit next to an open door or window to see if that helps.

Do Make Sure Your Tools Are Kept Clean

Whether you are using your nail tools at home or taking them with you to the nail salon, always make sure to keep them very clean. After having a pedicure, the tools should be scrubbed well with warm water and soap. Then soak the tools in rubbing alcohol or some other kind of disinfectant solution for 10 minutes at least.

Don’t Rule Out A Pedicure If You Are A Man

Guys can have nice toenails too. There are some barbershops and salons that offer special pedicures for men. They may include nail polish or not. Most salons cater to both women and men.

Do Choose The Right Nail Polish Remover

If the polish you want to remove is very dark, then a nail polish remover that has acetone in it will work very well. It is also a good option if your nails have a shellac or gel finish, which is difficult to take off. Acetone can be harsh and drying, so if you have sensitive skin or nails, use a non-acetone remover instead. It is gentler, but more work will be needed to get the polish off.

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