Guide to a Perfect Pedicure (Part 1)

Don’t Let Your Colors Clash

You’ve been looking for a certain color of nail polish forever, and you finally find the perfect shade. Is it too much to wear the same color on both your toes and fingers? Yes, wearing the same color of polish on your toes and fingers gives you a more finished look. Two different colors can be used, but you need to make sure that they coordinate well. You don’t want the colors to clash.

Do Carefully Soften Your Calluses

Corns and calluses are hardened skin. They can crack and be painful if they become too thick. While you are having a pedicure done, don’t allow the salon technician to apply a razor to your feet. Razors can potentially cause an infection. Instead soak your feet at home for a minimum of five minutes in warm water. Then use an exfoliating scrub, pumice stone or foot file to remove your calluses. Avoid going barefoot since this is one of main causes of calluses on your feet.

Do Cultivate Cuticles That Are Beautiful And Healthy

Treat your cuticles well. They help to keep out germs. When you are getting a pedicure, don’t allow the nail technician to cut or push back your cuticles. This will help to prevent infections. Don’t tear your cuticles in between visits. Ragged cuticles can be softened by rubbing moisturizer into them. See your doctor if you notice your cuticles is irritated or red.

Do Get Rid Of Old Pedicures

Dramatic and dark shades of nail polish, like purple and red, can stain your nails and turn them yellow if you leave the polish on for over two weeks. To remove it, a nail polish remover with acetone can be used (or you can use a non-acetone remover and then use lemon juice afterwards) in order to remove the stains. Anytime you are polishing your nails, you should first apply a clear base coat. However, if you have discolored, curled, brittle or thick nails, it is possible you might have a fungal infection. Go see the doctor and skip the polish.

Don’t Shave Before Having A Pedicure

You might be embarrassed, but before getting a pedicure you shouldn’t shave your legs. It is more likely that bacteria will get inside your body through small cuts or nicks on legs that are freshly shaven. There are certain types of bacteria that reside in tap water and thrive in dirty foot baths. This could cause boils or other kinds of infections that are hard to treat, so be sure to wait to shave until after you have had your pedicure.

Do Take Your Own Tools With You

You can bring own own tools into a nail salon. It might make you feel self-conscious, but it is perfectly fine to do. If salon tools such as emery boars are not cleaned properly, germs can linger on them. If you decide to let the salon’s tools be used by the nail technician, they should either come prepacked, be soaked in an antibacterial solution or be heat sterilized. If a tool falls on the floor while you are having a pedicure done, ask that a new one be used. You don’t want to end up getting a nail or skin infection.

Do Trim Your Toenails Correctly

In between your pedicure you will want to trim your toenails. Do this by cutting straight across. This helps keep your nails strong and prevent ingrown toenails. It is also perfectly fine to slightly file your nails to make them round in the middle. Clean underneath your nails using a manicure stick before polishing your nails. If you are diabetic, your healthcare provider can perform foot exams on a regular basis and teach you how to take care of your feet properly.

Don’t Get A Fish Pedicure

There are some salons that allow a certain type fish to nibble off the calluses from your feet instead of scrubbing them off. These “fish pedicures” have been banned in some states. Salon workers are not able to clean the tubs thoroughly in between customers when the fish are inside them. Cleaning the fish isn’t possible, so they could spread infections from previous customers.

– To be continued –

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