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Gel Nails – Overview

Gel nails are nail extensions prepared from hard gel product toughened by curing under light emitting diode (LED) or the ultraviolet light (UV). Nevertheless, current use of the word gel nails encompases other nail services involving the use very popular gel polish manicure and gel products. Gel nails can elongate short nails, strengthen nails, and make ones fingers appear longer and more slender. Gel nail mixtures lack the fumes associated with other types of nails and are much more eco-friendly and safer option.

There are two types of available gel which can be applied on nails. They include:


Soft gel is a gel product that is very lenient to form a nail extension. This comprises of gel polishes and denser gels intended for gel cover services. Gel polishes are utilized for the progressively famous gel polish shapes. These manicures, when performed by trained and experienced professionals, are tender to the natural nail also, the polish sticks on the nail for a period of some weeks or more with cracking, chipping or peeling and high shine.


As the name suggests, hard gel once cured, it becomes tough enough to be finished into a nail extension. These nail extensions are artificial nails designed by utilizing a nail product to elongate the nail past the edge of the natural nail.

The material used to generate nail extensions using gel or Gel nails is gel, gel nails should not be confused with acrylic nails which are made using polymer powder and liquid monomer. All gel services are achieved using some types of gel which often comes in polish bottles or pots of gel. Gel also varies in colors. All types of gel require hardening or curing under a LED or UV light.

Curing refers to the chemical process that happens when photo motivators within the gel itself are exposed to the blue light or the UV rays. The chain reaction generates heat while oligomers amalgamate to form long chains during the polymerization process. These bonded, long chains harden the gel and enable the photo initiators within the gel product to start the curing process. Regularly, once the nail extension has been formed, there is a remaining sticky layer that is detached by wiping with a cotton pad saturated in high distillate alcohol at the end of the process.
Generally gel nails are of great advantage in that it lasts much longer, Easier to create excellent nail designs and dries instantly therefore saving time.

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