Gel Nails

Beautiful Gel Nails Are A Good Choice

Having beautiful nails is something that most women want. Trying to keep up with them alone can be challenging. Many find that their nails break and the polish chips, causing them to continually need to touch them up. However, having gel nails services is a great alternative that allows them to maintain a beautiful look in between visits.

Hard gel

Hard gel involves a product that not only keeps the nails strong, it can also be used to create a nail extension should a natural nail be shorter than desired. It only takes a little bit of time to cure and can ensure that women have nails that are all the same length, creating a beautiful, uniform appearance. They can be shaped into a rounded or squared finish, depending upon what the customer desires.

Gel polish

Gel nails are also available in soft forms. This includes gel polish, which has many different colors so that women can quickly get a manicure that looks and feels great. These polishes are significantly thicker and stronger than regular nail polishes. In addition, they adhere better to the natural nail than other polishes. They are not susceptible to the chipping and peeling that happens within a few days of a regular polish manicure.

Gel nails

Thicker gels are also available that, once dry, can be painted over. These help to keep nails strong but, are not as thick as hard gels. These overlay services create nails that remain tough and will help polish to remain shiny and fresh until the next visit.
Gel nails are a great alternative to doing home manicures. Having a professional who is trained in the art of nail treatments is a great way for any woman to pamper herself. She will look and feel great, even between nail visits. Spabene is a true upscale boutique spa and massage therapy practice. All of our massage therapy specialists, nail technicians and aesthetician will offer you with excellent care and gel nails services according to your particular needs and wants. Spabene also provide personalized facial treatment to your particular skin type. Leave your stresses and worries behind and let us assist you to restore your sense of inner peace. Call us for more information.

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