Availability Of Various Patterns and Designs in Gel Nails

More and more girls have beautiful manicure that lasts for a very long time with minimum maintenance. While regular nail polish looks impeccable for only two or three days, gel nails have the advantage of an excellent durability. They only need maintenance because of the natural growth of the nails.

The advantages

Another benefit of having gel nails is the availability of various patterns and designs that are very hard to obtain by using regular nail polish. You can choose plain and simple colors, combinations of stripes or various designs such as flowers, butterflies or stars. Anything is possible, so you can impress your friends with this simple trick that’s quite affordable and long lasting.

Gel nails are also very useful in case your natural nails are extremely thin and break often. Many girls are frustrated for needing to maintain their nails short because they are too soft to get to a length that makes them look feminine. Gel is perfect, as it hardens the nails, giving them a durability they never had. Besides, the fact that you can invest $100 and a trip to the beauty salon and enjoy the benefits up to several months after is a very important factor that makes many girls choose this method for having a perfect manicure at all times without having to give up household chores.

Gel nails

Although it may seem a little expensive, gel nails is actually worth the money, if you think regular nail polish would require you having your nails done once a week if you want to have them impeccable at any given time. Moreover, regular polish can easily get chipped, even if you don’t do the dishes. This is why gel is the perfect alternative in the busy world of today, when girls have so many things to do.

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