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Facial Tissue Massage And Aging Myths

Facial tissue massage is a form of treatment that is quite popular today. It is used to prevent the signs of aging, reduce headaches, wrinkles, sinus problems and helps in relieving stress. The best thing about facial massage is that you could do it back at home helping you to save a lot of money in the process. However, there is a growing number of misleading information about facial tissue massage and wrinkles.

The truth, however, is tissue facial massage offers many advantages than what people know or understand. Massage has been there for thousands of years, but myths about massages are still rampant. You will often read conflicting information about aging, and the way aging affects out skin. By knowing some basic information on traditional myths; you can learn the truth and help you to be more in control.

Myth 1: My Older Family Have Wrinkles Due To Aging, Which Means I Will Have Them As Well

Often we believe that the reason others experience signs of aging quicker than others is brought by their genes.

Truth: According to research and scientific proof, only 20% of this information is accurate. The real reason some will experience signs of aging like wrinkles is due to proper eating habit and great skin care. Research shows that people who look younger than their years lead a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier, exercising often and undergo skin care procedures like facial and full body massages.

Myth 2: Sunbathing Often Reduces the Effects of Aging

The Truth: the truth is that over-doing sunbathing causes premature skin aging. The sun damage breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin causing it to sag. At the same time, the sun could affect the upper layer of your skin affecting the pigment and, therefore, resulting in age spots. Research has showed that one of the best ways to keep your facial skin looking younger than your age; you should drinking plenty of water and consider facial massages to help rejuvenate the skin.

Myth 3: Massage Is Only for the Body and Not the Face?

Nothing is far from the truth than this myth. Just like your body, facial massage is also preferred. It is the right way to prevent all aging symptoms appearing on your sink. Moreover, apart from reducing aging symptoms, facial massage is also known to contribute to reducing headaches, sinus problems, wrinkles and even release stress.

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