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Deep Tissue Massage And Its Benefits To You

The deep tissue massage is a form of massaging that emphasizes on the realigning of the body’s connective tissues and deep layer muscles. This form of massage is particularly helpful to those suffering chronic pains and aches while at the same time addressing issues like lower back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders and leg muscle tightness.

A deep tissue massage is not that different from the standard massage. In some instances, some of the deep tissue strokes are borrowed from the classical massage approach. However, with the deep tissue version, the movement is usually much slower with deeper pressure and concentration on the specific areas experiencing pain and tension. This way, the deeper connective tissues and muscle sub layers are reached for a greater effect.

Benefits Of Having A Deep Tissue Massage


When experiencing chronic muscle injury or tension, it is the adhesion in the tendons, ligaments and tendons. Adhesion can lead to the blocking of circulation and is what will cause pain, inflammation and limited movement. Deep tissue massage breaks this adhesion, bringing relief and restoring normal muscle movement. There are plenty of benefits that are associated with this form of massage therapy. These include:

Reduced Chronic Pain

The most beneficial attribute of the deep tissue massage is its effectiveness to relieving chronic pain. Putting pressure on deep-tissues improves blood flow reducing the inflammation that usually causes the pain. It also alleviates muscle tension loosening tight tissue clusters in the muscles.

Improved Blood Pressure

By easing muscle tension and stress, a deep tissue massage will greatly improve blood pressure. People who have enjoyed this form of massage therapy see a drop in their systolic and diastolic pressure. This form of massage therapy also boosts the production of serotonin leaving you happier and feeling good.

Assists In The Recovery Of Injured Muscles

This massage therapy option is also highly effective in the treatment of injured muscles. It does this by stretching twisted and tight muscle mass while at the same time facilitating the removal of toxins in the muscles. As it also facilitates the relaxation of muscles, this massage therapy option will greatly reduce chronic pain brought about by an injury.

These are just some of the benefits associated with deep tissue massaging, which explain why most physicians and doctors today recommend it as a viable chronic pain treatment and stress relief option.

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