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Benefits of Body Massage Therapy

Benefits of Body Massage

Living in a world of technology and use of prescribed medication is not the only way you can heal your body. Body massage allows the body to heal itself slowly without having to use any drugs. Below are other benefits of getting a regular massage.

1. Getting body massage does not only enhance your blood circulation, but it also allows more nutrients and oxygen to be pumped to the respective tissues and body organs.

2. This method of healing also stimulates the defense system of the body and flow of the lymph. That is why most therapist use this method to increase the number of cells used to fight cancer in patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

3. Apart from enhancing blood circulation and the flow of lymph, body massage also improves the state of your skin which is the largest body organ.

4. Therapeutic massage also softens injured or overused muscles and helps them relax as well.

5. It also reduces cramping and spasms.

6. Another benefit of body massage is that it makes the joints to be more flexible

7. Getting a body massage also speeds recovery and eliminates any pain that the body may be experiencing, especially for athletes who run a long distance for hours.

8. A massage also helps the body to release a natural painkiller known as endorphins. This element is also used as a healing property for chronic disease and it also know to relieve pain after surgery.

9. You can also reduce edema and cases of post-surgery adhesion by getting a massage.

10. Patients can also reduce cases of discomfort especially for those who suffer from lower back pain.

11. Migraine sufferers can also relieve pain by getting a body massage.

12. body massage is also a form of exercise for the atrophied muscles.

13. Expectant mothers can also get a massage to fight depression, anxiety and also to assist the body with short labor.

Other Benefits of Body Massage

A society that is touch deprived can suffer from emotional dysfunction those other diseases. This touching technique has become embraced in nursing homes to provide emotional assurance to infants. Because of this practice, preterm infants can know gain weight and infants who are exposed to cocaine can know improve their motor behavior and gain weight as well. It has also reduced stress in infants who are exposed to HIV and it is also beneficial to infants by increasing their alertness and social behavior.

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