15 Perfect Manicure Tips

1. Should You Get A French Manicure?

A good manicure is a true fashion statement. Do you feel that a French manicure is the right statement for you? This classic manicure is about applying a discreet pale pink polish with a white tip. This type of manicure makes your nails look longer and is ideal for formal events such as a job interview.

2. Gel And Shellac Will Last A Long Time

If your usual hobbies and activities make your nails look bad, you should consider a manicure with gel and shellac. This manicure should last for two to three weeks and still look great regardless of your activities. A gel and shellac manicure requires several layers of nail polish. A special lamp is used to cure the nails and make the manicure last longer. The cost is definitely worth it since your nails will look great for weeks.

3. Consider A Sizzling Color

A cherry red polish could look great on your nails or make your skin look too pale. The right color depends on your skin tone. If your skin has blue undertones, choose a a nude shade, a cherry red, a fuchsia nail polish or a deep violet color. If your skin has yellow or olive undertones, choose a beige, white nude, coral or chocolate color. Apply a piece of clear tape over your nail to test different colors.

4. The Shape Of Your Nails Can Flatter Your Hand

Would you rather wear your nails short and square or long and point? You can choose an oval shape if you can’t decide. A round shape will soften your looks, but a square shape is best if you have long fingers. You can choose something in between with a square shape and round corners. You can make your fingers look longer with a pointy shape.

5. Pearly Pink Shades Last Longer

A matte nail polish will not last as long as a shimmery or pearly color. A pale and neutral color will make small dents less noticeable. You can easily touch up your manicure by adding an additional layer of a top coat. Using two thinner coats of nail polish will last longer than applying a thick layer of nail polish.

6. The Blue Or Bold Look

Green, blue and yellow colors are popular options. These manicures make great fashion statements and look fun. The bold color you choose will become an important point of focus. However, you will need a touch up sooner than with a more neutral color. The natural color of your nails will become noticeable as they grow at the base.

7. Cover Your Nails With Fake Nails

If your nails are broken, damaged or weak, consider wearing some nail extensions. Wearing fake nails means you will have to go to the salon regularly. Your fake nails might have to be redone to look good. Besides, there is a risk of infection if your acrylic nails become loose and water gets under them. It is best to remove your fake nails once in a while and to go for a few weeks with natural nails to keep them healthy.

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