15 Perfect Manicure Tips (Part 2)

8. Have Some Nail Art Done

Do you feel that nail polish is too plain? Add some painted designed or some stick-on jewels for a more original look. Crackle finishes or using magnets to create some fun designs are new trends you should try. Colored tips are great if you cannot decide on just one color. You can also have some semicircles done for a moon manicure.

9. Always Wear Sunscreen When You Get Your Nails Done

A manicure can increase your risks of skin cancer and wrinkles. Some doctors believe that exposing your skin to UV nail lamps on a regular basis is not good for you. These lamps use the same UV rays as tanning beds do. Apply some sunscreen on your hands before going to the salon to get your nails done. You could also ask to have your nails dry naturally or use a fan.

10. Plan A Few Things Before A Manicure

Have you ever ruined a manicure by digging in your purse while your nail polish was still wet? Plan a few things before your manicure. Keep your wallet and your car keys nearby so that you do do not have to dig in your purse. Do not take your coat off during the manicure to avoid getting some polish on your clothes. You can prevent smudges by having some protective oil applied on top of the nail polish.

11. Fix Chips And Smudges

A tiny chip or smudge can ruin a manicure. You can fix small smudges and chips by applying a small drop of acetone on your nail. Wait for the area to dry and add some matching polish to cover the chip or smudge. Finish by adding a coat of polish and a clear top coat. Let everything dry for at least ten minutes.

12. Caring For Split Nails

If you have a split or a cracked nail, cut some paper strips from a tea bag. Start by applying a base coat on your clean and dry nail. Apply the same polish on the paper strips. Wrap the strips around your nail. Use a manicure stick to smooth the polish and add another layer once the first one has dried. If you have more than one nail crack, it is best to see your doctor.

13. Learn To Preserve Your Manicure

Always wear gloves when doing dishes or other chores around your house. If you are going to be near paint or prepare some food, protect your nails with some gloves. Do not use your nails for anything. Use a spoon or a coin to peel off stickers and invest in a good soda can opener. Use a gentle soap to wash your hands and apply some lotion on a daily basis to keep your cuticles soft.

14. Avoid Nail Infections

A good manicure salon should always clean and disinfect the equipment and tools. Don’t hesitate to bring your own equipment. If you experience a burning or itching sensation, let your manicurist know. Go see your doctor if you notice that your nails and fingers are swollen, sore, red or infected after a manicure. Infections should be treated right away.

15. Can Children Get Manicures?

There is no specific age for girls to start getting manicures. This decision is usually up to their parents. It is safe for a young child to get a manicure as long as the salon keeps the equipment clean. Some salons and spas even offer special manicures for young girls and teenagers. Going for a manicure can actually be a fun mother-daughter activity.

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