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10 Good Reasons to Choose Soak off Gel Nail Polishes

What Are Soak-off Gel Nail Polishes?

Soak-off gel nail polishes are often called as a soft gel nails. Conventional nail polish is a kind of paint, you have to wait forever to let it dry. It is hard to remove and easily chipped. While soak-off gel nail polish is also like paint, but after each application, it is “curved” by a UV light. So you place your nails under the light to dry before applying another layer.

What Are the Difference from Buff off Gel Nail Polishes?

Buffs off nail polishes are another type of gel nail, often called as “hard” gel nails. The major difference between these two nail polishes is how you remove them. Just like the name implies, buff off gel nails are not poromeric, so they can only be removed by buffing off. On the other hand, soak off gel polishes can be removed by soaking in acetone. They are more lightweight and have better flexibility, which make them better choice for most people as they look more natural than buff off nails. The disadvantage is however, although they generally last long but not as long as buff off nails.

10 Good Reasons to Choose Soak off Gel Nail Polishes

1. They last long. Soak off gel nails last without chippings for around 2 or 3 weeks and look like they have been just applied.

2. You can apply directly to your nails. You can put on nail extension if you like, but you can easily apply these polishes directly on your natural nails.

3. They dry quickly. Since these polishes harden under the UV light, they dry within a few minutes. You can forget about waiting forever and worrying about smudges and dents.

4. They are less damaging to your nails. Soak off gels are gentler to your nails and cause less damages.

5. You can easily change the color. If you need to change the color of your nails, just for the night to coordinate with your dress, you can do it easily. Just apply use traditional nail polish on top of your gel nails. Then you can remove the additional color with a non-acetone nail polish remover.

6. You can easily have touch ups done. As your nail grows, a small gap at the bottom of your nail appears. You can easily get it fixed at the salon. They can quickly fill in the gap with the same gel polish.

7. You can easily remove them. Easy removal is one of the most attractive benefits of soak-off gel nails. You can easily remove them with acetone. You can add a bit of further filing if you want to for finishing up.

8. You can DIY. Nowadays, many brands are selling some complete soak off gel kits. They include everything you need such as a mini LED or UV lamp. All you need to do is practice, and then you will soon have nails look like straight from the salon any time. It can be a value for money investment!

9. They don’t have strong smell. Unlike acrylic nails, they don’t have any strong smells and chemical free as well.

10. The result is as good as regular polishes. They have all these beauties mentioned above, and are as easy to apply as traditional nail polishes. So it is obvious which one to choose. Just go for it!

Qualified Gel Nail Polishes

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